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BARE KNUCKLE                                               


Track List

  1 Byker Hill
  2 Bare Knuckle
  3 Marshal Riley's Army
  4 The Driver
  5 Bells of Rhymney
  6 The Checkout Queue
  7 Sailing to Philadelphia
  8 A Very Funny Thing
  9 Factory/Working Man
10 The Workers Song
11 Joe Hill Blues

SEAMLESS               PPCD03


Track List

  1 Ee Aye Aa Cud Hew
  2 Black Diamonds - Live
  3 Guard Your Man Well
  4 Birth Of The Lad - Live
  5 Schooldays Over - Live
  6 Oakeys Strike Evictions
  7 Mr Roberts
  8 Pitman and the Blackin' - Live
  9 Trimdon Grange Explosion - Live
10 The Boys of Belly Row
11 Gresford/Geordieland68
12 The Last of the Widows - Live
13 Off to Kefalonia - Live
14 Coal Mountain - Live
15 Leather Cap and Trap Lad

BARE KNUCLE                              THE PITMEN POETS

Jez Lowe, Billy Mitchell, Bob Fox and Benny Graham


This is the CD recorded in a cottage in Hexham in preparation for the

2022 "Final, Farewell Tour!"

BARE KNUCKLE is a masterpiece of acoustic music, four outstanding musicians/singers

describing the humour and misery, defiance and mistreatment of the coal miners,

their families and their communities in the North east of England with many of the

songs readily applying to other groups of people in other locations and times.




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SEAMLESS                             THE PITMEN POETS      PPCD03

Jez Lowe, Billy Mitchell, Bob Fox and Benny Graham


This is the second CD of the "live" show and includes song introductions and banter

not previously released alongside some specially recorded studio tracks to produce

yet another supremely entertaining memento of the show which celebrates the life and

culture of the County Durham and Northumberland coal mining communities

through song, spoken word and archive photography.




Price £13.50 inc P&P

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Bob Fox (2017)

Track List

  1 Snowfalls
  2 Only Remembered
  3 Scarlet and the Blue
  4 Stand to
  5 Rolling Home
  6 Lullee Lullay
  7 The Brisk Young Ploughboy
  8 The Devonshire Carol
  9 The Cherry Cheeked Optomists (Part One)
10 Mons
11 The Cherry Cheeked Optomists (Part Two)
12 Scarecrows


A GARLAND FOR JOEY              FLED3107   t

Bob Fox

To mark the tenth anniversary UK tour of the acclaimed National Theatre

production of War Horse, Songmaker John Tams and Songman Bob Fox release

“A Garland For Joey – The War Horse Songbook.”

Tams, seven times winner of BBC Music Awards and the original songmaker

for War Horse and songman Bob Fox, a celebrated, leading voice and musician

in the UK folk scene have brought together a re-telling of all the songs in their

complete forms featured in the multi-award winning show.

Alongside the complete War Horse Songbook is a postscript of new works,

companion pieces to the story telling and the ever-resonating impact of

The Great War.

Bob Fox’s intuitive and masterful re-telling of these songs, accompanied by his

beautifully accomplished guitar settings form the heart of this album,

additionally in the company of Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band,

at its core a message of remembrance and above all peace.


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Track List

  1 Black Diamonds
  2 Schooldays Over
  3 The Birth of the Lad
  4 Celebrated Working Man
  5 Last of the Widows
  6 Go to work on Monday
  7 I Wish Pay Friday Wad Come
  8 The Collier's Way
  9 Coughin' Well/1915-1972
10 Big Meeting Day
11 Going to the Mine
12 Ordinary Copper
13 Coal Mountain
14 When Geordie Thoo and I was Young
15 Lord George


Jez Lowe, Billy Mitchell, Bob Fox and Benny Graham


Following the highly successful UK tour in 2016 and "LIVE" album

a further collection of 15 great songs from THE PITMEN POETS

recorded round the kitchen table at Boomchang.





Sorry but this album is currently unavailable

please check back later.







Track List

  1 These Coal Town Days
  2 Devil's Ground
  3 Stanley Market
  4 The Row Between The Cages
  5 Shiftin' To The Toon
  6 The Pitman's Dream
  7 South Medomsley Strike
  8 Just One Spark
  9 The Ex-Pitmen's Potholing Quiz Team
10 Blackleg Mining Man
11 The Collier Laddie's Wife
12 Sheel Raw Flood/Off To California
13 Wor Nanny's A Maizor
14 Judas Bus
15 Farewell Johnny Miner

16 The Miner's Lifeguard

17 The Pitmen Poets



Jez Lowe, Billy Mitchell, Bob Fox and Benny Graham

This is the CD of the "live" show and includes song introductions and banter,

a supremely entertaining memento of the show which celebrates the life and

culture of the County Durham and Northumberland coal mining communities

through song, spoken word and archive photography.



Price £13.50 inc P&P

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Nowt So Good'll Pass
Bob Fox & Stu Luckley (1978)


The first of two albums described as 'classic' by Colin Irwin in Melody Maker

Sorry - this 'Vinyl Classic' is no longer available but has been re-recorded



Wish We Never Had Parted
Bob Fox & Stu Luckley (1982)


The second of the two 'classic' albums

This 'Vinyl Classic' is also no longer available but has been re-recorded




Bob Fox & Stu Luckley (2008)


"Nowt So Good'll Pass"

Track List

  1 The Bonny Gateshead Lass   Listen

  2 Reynard The Fox

  3 Gypsy Davey                      Listen

  4 The Begging

  5 Bonny At Morn

  6 The Row Between The Cages

  7 Sally Wheatley

  8 The Sandgate Lass On The Ropery Banks

  9 Isle Of Islay                        Listen

10 Doodle Let Me Go


"Wish We Never Had Parted"

Track List

  1 Sally Gee

  2 The Two Magicians              Listen

  3 The Shores Of Old Blighty

  4 I Once Loved A Lass

  5 The Song Of The Iron Road

  6 Heart Like A Wheel

  7 The Fishing

  8 Rollicking Randy Dandy-O   Listen

  9 The Thresher

Bonus Tracks

10 Bruton Town                      Listen

11 Dollia

12 Ruby Tuesday


This really is a must have "collector's item" from Bob and Stu. Once hailed

as "the great whitehopes of folk music" and "the progressive dynamic duo"

they became the darlings of the 70s folk club and festival circuit with their

stunningly original arrangements of both the oldest of traditional songs and

the most modern of contemporary material using a vast array of acoustic


To celebrate the release of their first vinyl Long Playing Record in 1978

they decided to do a re-union tour in the autumn of 2008 of over 30 dates

throughout the UK which included many of the places they played thirty

years previously as well as some of the more prestigious modern venues

ending with a sell out concert at THE SAGE, Gateshead.

This commemorative double CD Thirty Years On was produced in 2008

primarily as a souvenir of the tour and is a re-recording of

"Nowt So Good'll Pass" and "Wish We Never Had Parted" sticking faithfully

to those original arrangements and with three bonus tracks previously

unrecorded but performed by Bob & Stu in their heyday!

The enclosed booklet has contributions from several of Bob & Stu's

fans including Ralph McTell and Dave Pegg and has many photographs of

the duo from the earliest gigs right up to the present day.

Click here to listen to an edited version of


Click here to listen to an edited version of




Sorry but this album is currently unavailable

We can provide a digital copy, music only, either or both discs for a small fee!

If interested please leave a message on contact page.




Billy Mitchell and Bob Fox (2009)


Track List

  1 The Shoemakker
  2 The Pitman And The Blackin'
  3 Sailing To Philadelphia
  4 Old Peculiar Feeling             Listen
  5 Child Of Mine
  6 Shiftin' To The Toon
  7 The Sheel Raw Flood
  8 Off To Kefalonia/Spanish Misfortune
  9 Why Aye Man
10 Yes It Is                            



What is it about Billy Mitchell and Bob Fox that makes you wish

everyone in the world were a Geordie? On the strength of this

striking album it’s the feeling of camaraderie that is inherent in

each song and the obvious good-humour that runs like a seam

of ‘black diamonds’ throughout the recording. Starting with

“The Shoemakker” (surely a spelling mistook) followed by

“The Pitman and The Blackin’” from their region of God’s own

country it establishes the duo’s credentials for the traditional

personality inherent from their North-East up bringing.

In keeping with the locality, the inclusion of Mark Knopfler’s

far from cheesy “Sailing To Philadelphia” and the anthemic

“Why Aye Man” are prime examples of being proud enough

to wear your heritage firmly on your sleeve. As part of their

established sound Billy more often than not utilises his trusty

Guild 12-string guitar adding a resonant ringing depth in much the

same way Celtic bands use bouzouki.

It’s a glorious sound enhanced by the mandolin and guitar

interplay on the only tune set “Off To Kefalonia/Spanish Misfortune”

complete with minor key ending so reminiscent of a performance by

the much missed Jack The Lad. Personally speaking my CD collection

would be incomplete without the performances of these two guys

and a damn sight less colourful. Here’s to the next one!


FIVE STAR B&B                B&BCD01

Billy Mitchell and Bob Fox (2006)

Track List

 1 Rockin’ Chair                        Listen
  2 The Gateshead Lass
  3 Dance To Your Daddy
  4 The Collier Laddies Wife
  5 Born At The Right Time
  6 Big River
  7 The Pitman And The Blackin’
  8 The Galway Shaw                  Listen
  9 Where My Heart Lives
10 Sally Wheatley
11 The Devil’s Ground
12 The Rambling Rover
13 Meet Me On The Corner
14 Monday Monday

FIVE STAR B&B                B&BCD01


Blimey these Geordie lads believe in working at break-neck speed!

It was only in October 2006 that I was discussing with Billy and Bob

that they should record an album together. Well, blow me down if they

haven’t succeeded and, as you’d expect the quality is exceptional. 
On the back of a twenty-date tour together pulling what should have

been two separate performances culminating with the pair playing

together for a 20 minuteset they were already joining each other on

over 90% of the evening. Not bad going I think you’d agree. 
Basically a ‘best of…’ this recording provides the listener with a veritable

smorgasbord including ‘Rocking Chair’, ‘Dance To Your Daddy’ topped nicely

with the tune ‘The Spanish Cloak’, Jimmy Nail’s tremendous nostalgic view

of the Tyne ‘Big River’, ‘Sally Wheatley’ and Billy’s ‘The Devil’s Ground’.

Billy and Bob’s vocal performances aren’t so much good as towering and

while folk music has ambassadors like these let’s count ourselves lucky

that they have decided to settle in our camp. 

A round of applause should also go to Ron Angus who captured that real

essence of a ‘live’ performance. 

Price £13.50 inc P&P

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Bob Fox (2006)

Track List

  1 One Miner's Life
  2 Still Growing
  3 All In A Day
  4 Taking On Men                       Listen
  5 Trooper Cut Down
  6 Broomfield Wager
  7 Recruited Collier
  8 Diamond / Song Of The Whale
  9 Golden Vanity                        Listen
10 Only Remembered



The last album Bob released featured a ‘backing band’ but on this

starkly contrasting recording it’s just the man himself accompanied

by guitar,produced by John Tams. Fox is without doubt one of the

finest singers in Britain and for those of us that have followed his

career it will come as no surprise that the accolades will come thick

and fast. From a technical perspective his guitar playing knows no

bounds and at times is quite astonishing filling gaps and enhancing

every syllable as if strategically placed like a soldier on military

manoeuvre. That’s not to say the music’s soulless, far from it in fact

for this is a thinking man’s musician who makes every note count. 
It's thought provoking and compelling listening and although indulgence

isn’t a word that readily springs to mind when referring to a Box Fox

recording I hope that many more artists take note of how it should

be done. 

Price £13.50 inc P&P

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Bob Fox (2003)

Track List

  1 Virginia
  2 My Love Is In America
  3 The Whitby Tailor
  4 Life Is Not Kind To The Drinking Man
  5 Dance To Your Daddy
  6 Shoals Of Herring                  Listen
  7 She Waits And Weeps
  8 Peppers And Tomatoes
  9 Child Of Mine
10 The Last Of The Widows
11 Bonny At Morn                      Listen



This album is Bob's first release for Topic Records released on

3 Sept 2003. Backed by some fine musicians, and with a Celtic

feel to some of the tracks, this album is full of lyrical songs with

strong, narrative lyrics. Each song has a 'proper' tale to tell and

deals with life events trivial and significant, personal and global,

the essence of all folk music.Bob plays acoustic guitar, bouzouki

& piano,Anna Ryder piano accordion and muted trumpet, Norman

Holmes whistle and flute,Neil Harland double bass, and Chuck

Fleming plays viola. The sound is pure and very acoustic with

touches of Celtic because of the whistles, flutes and piano

This is a finely produced and crafted album, which will really

appeal to loversof gentle, thoughtful English folk music.



Price £13.50 inc P&P

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Bob Fox and The Hush (2002)

Track List

  1 Jack Crawford                         Listen
  2 A U Hinny Burd
  3 Going To The Mine
  4 Here's The Tender Coming
  5 The Bonny Gateshead Lass
  6 The Snow it melts the soonest  Listen
  7 The row in the gutter
  8 Oakey's strike evictions
  9 Sair fyel'd hinny
10 Shoemaker
11 The South Medomsley strike
12 Trousers and coverlets
13 Guard yer man weel
14 Byker Hill                               Listen


This one is enough to get Grandad out of his grave – dancing!

Bob Fox and Jed Grimes put electric guitars, saxophone,

percussion and a load more into a collection of the North-East’s

finest folk songs. Traditionals such as Here’s the Tender Coming

and contemporaries, including three from the pen of Johnny Handle

provide the high quality material. This mighty outfit brings danceable

grooves and sensitive ballad playing to the finest of traditional &

written songs from the last few centuries: while there are blistering

solos and fierce ensemble playing they never lose sight of the main

objective, the song's the thing!

Bob Fox's expressive, supple voice delivers every time,

especially on the beautiful Sair Fyel'd Hinny where it's borne along

by Graham Wood's ethereal piano. Paul Smith (drums/percussion)

and Neil Harland (electric/double bass) make up the tightest rhythm

section you could wish for and all topped off with Gary Linsley's

tasteful sax playing.

Bob Fox and The Hush aim to bring you these songs in all their

glory, the settings are always eclectic, sometimes surprising, by

turns subtle, jazzy, exciting & danceable.

On the finisher, Grimes's Fender Strat takes Byker Hill into the

purest axe-fuelled rock territory, reclaiming its anthemic status

along the way. 


Price £13.50 inc P&P

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Bob Fox (2000)

Track List

  1 The road to the north
  2 The white cockade
  3 Champion at keeping them rolling
  4 Water of Tyne
  5 Big River                               
  6 In the month of January
  7 Greek Lightning
  8 From me to you
  9 The Rambling Rover               
10 From Clare to here
11 Take her in your arms
12 The Galway Shawl



As a result of highly successful appearances as "special guest"

on the FAIRPORT CONVENTION Y2K Tour Bob recorded his first

ever solo album at Woodworm Studios with Gerry Conway and

Dave Pegg playing percussion and bass on all tracks and other

Fairport members guesting throughout the album.

'Bob Fox, possibly the most complete male artist in English folk, 
his quietly impressive "Dreams Never Leave You" is my album

of 2000.'
Colin Randall - THE DAILY TELEGRAPH Arts & Books

Click here to listen to an edited version of


Click here to hear RAMBLING ROVER on Mike Harding Show 13th April 2011 (4:49)

Price £13.50 inc P&P

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Bob Fox and Stu Luckley(2001)

Track List

  1 The Bonny Gateshead Lass
  2 The Two Magicians
  3 Heart like a wheel
  4 Bold Reynard the fox
  5 The shores of old blighty
  6 Doodle let me go
  7 Isle of Islay
  8 The row between the cages
  9 Sally Wheatley                       Listen
10 Dollia
11 The Begging
12 The song of the iron road
13 The Fishing                            Listen
14 Sally Gee



In 1998, to celebrate the release of their first album, Bob and Stu

produced a re-recording of selected tracks from their albums

"Nowt So Good'll Pass" and "Wish We Never Had Parted".

Wonderful harmonies, superb guitar, bouzouki, dulcimer and acoustic

bass preserved in a nice clean recording.

Fox and Luckley were a unique, hilarious and entertaining folk duo and

the songs are mostly simple and catchy but the arrangements show

the amazing technical musicianship and stunning instinctive

togetherness of the pair.



Price £13.50 inc P&P

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Bob Fox and Benny Graham (2001)

Track List

  1 Celebrated working man/
     Oakey’s strike evictions           Listen
  2 Funny names at Tanfield pit
  3 South Medomsley strike
  4 I wish pay friday wad come
  5 The old miner
  6 Trimdon Grange explosion
  7 Geordie Black
  8 Have a game for the crack
  9 Little Chance
10 Wor Nanny’s a maizor
11 Going to the mine
12 The Big Hewer
13 When it’s ours
14 Blackleg mining man
15 Farewell Johnny Miner             Listen
16 Miner’s lifeguard



A brilliant collection of songs concerning the nitty gritty of

coal mining in Durham and Northumberland originally used to

accompany a black and white slide presentaion but which

stands alone as a testament to the hard working miner so

often betrayed and let down by 'the bosses'.




Price £13.00 inc P&P

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The 2006 Radio Ballads

Bob was delighted to be involved in the recording of five

of the six new Radio Ballads singing many of the newly

written songs for the project and culminating in a

fantastic live production at Glasgow's Celtic Connections

festival in January 2007.

Read more about The 2006

Radio Ballads....


The Song of SteelTh

The Don Valley between Sheffield and Rotherham was once

full of steelworks and many thousands of families relied on

steel for their living. The Song of Steel offers a glimpse inside

the lives of men and women who worked in the industry.

Price £14.50 inc P&P
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The Enemy That Lives Within

The second of the new Radio Ballads concerns people living

with HIV/AIDS. Six women and men talk candidly about life

with the virus - how they discovered they were HIV-positive,

the effect the drugs have on them, and how people react

when they disclose their connection with the virus. The ten

outstanding original songs inspired by the interviews are personal

and poignant, touching on the courage as well as the tragedy,

the shame and the prejudice experienced by people living with


Price £14.50 inc P&P

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The Horn of the Hunter

Hunting with hounds has become one of the most controversial

debates in British life in recent years and though public debate

has to some extent died down since the time of the ban, the

issues are still contentious for many people.

Price £14.50 inc P&P

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Swings and Roundabouts

The travelling showmen and women who run Britain's fairgrounds

live within their own self-contained community, with their own

seasons, rhythm of life, codes of behaviour and language. The

fourth in the series of 2006 Radio Ballads, Swings and Roundabouts

paints a musical and anecdotal portrait of the people who travel

the country building and re-building their rides, always looking to

attract customers to their machines.

Price £14.50 inc P&P

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Thirty Years of Conflict

Disagreements between the Protestant and Catholic communities

in Northern Ireland have existed for centuries, but the problems

escalated into all-out conflict in the late 1960s when the British

army became involved. Since then, thousands of people have

died in bombings and shootings carried out by both sides. Taking

Bloody Sunday as a key turning point in The Troubles and using

music as the linking thread, this Ballad tells personal stories from

three decades of conflict in Northern Ireland.

Price £14.50 inc P&P

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The Ballad of the Big Ships

The final programme in the 2006 Radio Ballads series examines

the lives of shipbuilders from Tyne and Wear and the Clyde,

two regions with a proud maritime history. Shipbuilding has been

in the blood for generations on these rivers, although the heyday

for both communities is well in the past. The men and women in

The Ballad of the Big Ships talk about how building ships has

driven their lives, their hopes, their humour and their culture.

Price £14.50 inc P&P

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Track List                       Singer

  1 Mucky River                 John Tams
  2 Curtains                       Kate Rusby
  3 Crane Driver                Julie Matthews
  4 Fireland                        John Tams
  5 Hobo                            Karine Polwart
  6 Unprotected                  Bob Fox
  7 Comes The Hour           Chris While
  8 King George Hunt          Lester & Martin Simpson
  9 On Horseback               Kellie While
10 Good Dog And True       Bob Fox
11 Tradition Never Dies      Chris While
12 Lily Gilders                    John Tams
13 Scholars In Winter         Barry Coope
14 Different Drums            Cara Dillon
15 These Troubles             Tommy Sands
16.When The Music
Starts   Cara Dillon
17 Old Hammerhead          Jez Lowe
18 Great Voltaire               Bob Fox
19 You Can't Weld
A Body  Karine Polwart
20 Only Remembered        Bob Fox

The Songs of the Radio Ballads

A special album of 'songs only' from the BBC Radio 2 documentary

series The 2006 Radio Ballads – a companion piece to the six CD

Radio Ballads collection.The songs were inspired by and written

from accounts of actual life experience and on this album stand

alone in their own right. The twenty songs on this album have

been drawn from across the Ballads series and represent just

one-third of the songs specially commissioned for this remarkable

and critically acclaimed radio series.



Sorry but this album is no longer in production.